• All-Aspect International Close Air Support Training

    We provide bespoke: Forward Air Controller (FAC), Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC), Aircrew, and wider Close Air Support, Training.

    Our services are a tailored complementary blend of: Needs Based Design, eLearning, Classroom Instruction, Simulation, and Live Aviation.
  • JFACTSU Immersive Simulator

    CAS has delivered an iCASS-240 immersive simulator to the UK JTAC Schoolhouse (JFACTSU). In addition to this they have also delivered a desktop simulator to the school. From contract award to final acceptance by UK MOD in less than 4 months.
  • Close Air Solutions Course Design and Training Consultancy

    We are UK Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) qualified practitioners & Training Accreditation Programme (TAP) Accredited Professionals in course design and e-learning design.

    We were the designers of UK Forward Air Controller and CAS Aircrew Training Courses.

    We design, build, and facilitate bespoke courses and modules designed to meet the customers' requirements (Not a One Size Fits All Approach)
  • Close Air Solutions FAC & JTAC Simulation

    Bespoke Scenario Design, Simulator Operation and CAS Qualified Aircrew Instructors.

    Capable of: Type 1/2/3 Controls, Form Fit Function Laser Day, Night, IR, Realistic Multiple Joint Fires integration.

    Non-Permissive Environments and Threats (With physics based integrated air defence systems) accurate modelling of real world systems.

    Synthetic Full Motion Video Downlinks - with customisable degradations.

What we do

CAS design and produce: software, hardware, training scenarios, and also facilitate training for defence and security personnel. We aim to exercise trainees without the sterile aspects of peace-time training constraints such that trainees can see the direct consequences of their decisions, in representative situations. CAS believe and sincerely hope that this training leads to better decision making in high stress combat situations and ultimately to the avoidance of unnecessary deaths.

Training Constraints

We recognise that it is very difficult for personnel involved in the delivery of air and surface fires on the battlefield to train realistically and relevantly in peacetime due to cost, and safety constraints. This inability to train fully could lead to potentially devastating consequences. Close Air Solutions deliver both products (hardware and software), and services to improve the quality of simulation and training for military operators.


Better Decisions

We aim to train operators, not just in procedures, but to increase their judgmental abilities. We do this by placing trainees in truly immersive, relevant, scenarios where they must make judgements that achieve their mission aims whilst acting: Humanely and with Proportionality, avoiding: unnecessary destruction, and unintended possibly politically devastating consequences.