Close Air Solutions at UMEX/SIMTEX18 Abu-Dhabi

Close Air Solutions are delighted to be exhibiting with the International Golden Group at the UMEX/Simtex show in Abu Dhabi between 25 and 28 Feb 2018.

We are demonstrating: Hyper Real Immersion – A UK Government Sponsored Cutting Edge Technology Project. It will provide more dynamic, challenging and immersive training, by combining all the advantages of the synthetic training in a live environment. The aim of the project is to provide a new sense of realism; truly enabling forces to fight as they train – for with this technology there will be little difference.

The Hyper Real Immersion System is currently built on the MetaVR VRSG Image Generator customised for Mixed Reality. Powered by Battlespace Simulations MACE

Our systems are currently used to teach JTAC and Wider Joint Fires both in the UK and UAE.
At the UAE Presidential Guard Simulation Training Facility, Close Air Solutions provide simulation as a service with out Joint Fires Expert Instructors, exploiting the capabilities of software on a variety of high end visual systems provided by Immersive Display Systems Incorporated.

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