About Close Air Solutions Training

The need for professionally trained personnel

When aircraft are delivering weapons effects in very close proximity to friendly forces the risk of collateral damage is high.

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Professionally trained Joint Terminal Attack Controllers or JTAC and Close Air Support (CAS) Aircrew are the key to ensuring high profile mistakes are avoided. It is both very expensive and resource heavy to train and maintain at readiness Close Air Support personnel.

The Roles

The role of the JTAC is to carry out the Ground Commander’s intent by coordinating ground and air Joint Fires assets, delivering timely effects while avoiding politically damaging consequences to civilian and friendly forces.


How CAS was Formed

In 2012 Tom Ball and Mike Squires (the founders) recognised the need for increased use of simulation in training as the future and left the RAF to form Close Air Solutions in order to harness their unique expertise for the benefit of other nations. They have trained over 1000 JTACs and pilots, during their military careers, including Prince Harry. Close Air Solutions was formed in 2012 in order to provide a Forward Air Control training provision and consultancy service to UK and NATO forces.


Close Air Solutions technical and instructional staff are predominantly former Close Air Support strike pilots, and military Close Air Support instructors. We are unique in that our experience is born directly from the UK Joint Forward Air Control Training and Standards Unit.

Close Air Solutions key advantage is their deep understanding of the Joint Fires environment and their ability to service full spectrum training requirements from basic to advanced, including the design and manufacture of all necessary training simulators and products expected of a 21st Century Joint Fires Training Facility.

What CAS Can Do For You

We are able to service initial certification training and deliver annual qualification currency controls at your point of need, our objective is to ensure your  JTACs, Aircrew, and other Joint Fires Personnel, are maintained at readiness for contingency operations anywhere in the world. We understand the fiscal challenges facing all governments in today’s economic climate and recognise the need for cost effective training that is able to deliver high caliber  JTACs. We are adaptable and are focused on delivering the right product to meet your individual requirements. Our partners lead the field in their respective areas, guaranteeing your Joint Fires Personnel receive the highest quality training available.

Our training delivery team has years of experience, both operationally and at the schoolhouse. We are Fast Jet Strike Attack Pilots, JTAC Schoolhouse Instructors and combat proven  JTACs. Our motivation is to challenge outdated training methods in order to deliver more skilled troops in less time. We can only do this by using a systems based approach that incorporates emerging technology; in the Air, in the Simulator, and through blended eLearning we strive to produce the next generation of FACs and JTACs.

Close Air Solutions Ltd is a company registered in England & Wales.
Company Number 8329278; VAT Registration Number 155 8452 88

What People Say About CAS

Responses From Service Feedback Questionnaires

Superb blend of operational and technical support. Anticipated problems and helped solve exercise-wide interoperability problems before they could impact training. CAS was an absolutely critical player in making the Bold Quest 16.2 event successful!
Very proactive, and very good. Worked very hard for us.
Very good, both instructors knowledge and help in all areas was excellent in helping to understand the system and its capability
Tom Ball of CAS Ltd delivered this course on VBS Fires FST and totally over-delivered in all aspects. Our expectations was more than fulfilled.
I’m impressed by the skill and knowledge of the instructor regarding both VBS Fires FST and real life tactical use.