CAS at Omega CAS Conference Bristol 2017

We are at the Omega CAS Conference 2017 in Bristol.
We have delivered thought leadership workshops on simulation in Joint Fires, the cost drivers and benefits of the various components, simulation as a service, and emerging technologies including our work on the Hyper Real Immersion mixed reality project.

We have enjoyed demonstrating the efficacy a light flat-screen based set up of the iCASS system components with a suite of Simulated Military Equipment (SME) ranging from replica kit to emulated in software.

This setup enables us to show trainees multiple independent views in the 3D Air Environment using MetaVRs VRSG 6.2, in fully non-permissive mission featuring the high fidelity modelling of the EW spectrum provided by Battlespace Simulations MACE Semi Autonomous Forces (SAF) Software.

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