CAS Provide Simulation Service to Exercise Terminal Strike JTACs

Close Air Solutions have just returned from a week of simulation service provision to the JTACs participating on Exercise TERMINAL STRIKE 17-1.

CAS provided a simulation service using their renowned whole operation approach (first seen on Exercise AMPLE STRIKE 14). The operation was a force on force GENFOR scenario encompassing multi layered integrated air defences in both Urban and Open environments. The service consisted of:

Plan Design Build:

  • Derivation of Customer Required Training Outcomes
  • Outline Simulated Whole Military Operation Design Iteration
  • Organisation of required customer outcomes into coherent related groups and allocation to vignette types
  • Deign Test and Iteration of individual scenario vignettes within the operation
  • Design and collation of scenario materials including J2, SPINS, Comms Cards, ATO, ACO, Orders, Scheme of Manoeuvre & Boundaries, ROE etc etc
  • Test and adjust of all scenarios and materials within whole operation


We took the iCASS 220 Curve – Using the 4m Wide IDSI High Fidelity Curve Display, MetaVRs VRSG Image Generator, and BSI’s MACE Software in Control. It is Accredited for Types 1,2,3, Day, Night, RW, FW, Surface Fires, FMV – It had with it form fit function: IZLID, SOFLAM, DAGR, Emulated PRC 152, FMV Downlink, and NVG

  • Work with JTAC-E/I to determine individual requirements for each trainee
  • Selection of most appropriate vignettes to match requirements – adjustment where required to suit
  • Facilitation of CRC, TACP, J2 Updates, and All Aircrew Roles within scenario
  • Dynamic work with JTAC-E/I to adjust scenario in real time to suit trainee ability / make required learning point
  • Bookmarking of significant events for debrief
  • Full Facilitated After Action Review with multi-point-of view playback, visualisation (overlays etc) and time synchronised communications – with JTAC-I/E

All controls were part of a fully immersive scenario – No easy rides!

Training in the iCASS

Some of the feedback we have had back so far from the users:

The iCass provided top class simulation with a depth of immersion that is difficult to get from real [Training] OPs

Staffed by a team with many years of experience in relevant fields combined with competent equipment. Good delivery and execution of concept with scalable scenarios. All round top stuff.

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