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At Close Air Solutions we not only embrace simulation and high tech methods of learning and operation, we value good basic tools. For this reason we designed the CAS Rule – A Multi-Purpose CAS planning tool for JTACS.

Designed and ratified by the community

It is made by JTACs and JTAC-Is for JTACs, designed to be an all in one ruler and protractor for CAS planning with multiple advanced features. It is tough, small and durable and compatible with existing JTAC equipment and maps. The ruler has been tested by multiple JTAC-I and JTAC-E personnel from a multitude of NATO countries and is now ready for full scale production.

If you want one…

The CAS Rule is a bespoke and carefully designed tool that is made in small quantities.

Units are available from Oct 2016 and the first 500 will be sold at the introductory offer price of just £25 per Unit +VAT


Download the CAS Rule Product Flyer
Download the CAS Rule Instructions

CAS Rule Features

  • Degrees Scale – on all read-off points of significance there are occultations that prevent incorrect readings of reciprocal values
  • Laser Arc Plotting and Calculation
  • Laser Target Line Calculation
  • Friendly Forces Line – ‘From Target’ Bearing and Distance
  • Instant Cross Range LoA Calculation and Reciprocal
  • Km radius drawing for 1:50k and 1:25k
  • nm scale for 1:50k and 1:25k
  • Risk Estimate Circle Drawing for 1:50k and 1:25k
  • Roamers for 1:50k and 1:25k
  • Meters to feet conversion
  • Speed Distance Time calculations at 420, 480, 500, 520kts
  • Compatible with Rite in the Rain binders (12.5 x 17cm)

FAC Tool V3

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