Close Air Solutions Contract Aviation

Full Motion Video Downlink Equipped Aircraft operated by CAS Qualified Aircrew


  • MX-15 Targeting Pod with Infra-Red and Electro-optical sensors
  • Real-time full motion video streaming to ground stations
  • Ex Forward Air Controller Training School Pilots
  • Experts in all CAS TTPs and Emulation of multiple aircraft capabilities
  • Deliverers of accredited training to UK Forward Air Controllers
  • CAS Aircraft and Live Ordnance available

We can provide air assets (Contract Air) equipped with industry leading, data-linked, EO/IR HD sensors to support exercises and service FAC continuation controls anywhere in Europe.

Our sensor operators (SO) are highly experienced ex-strike attack instructor pilots and weapons system operators; our lead SO was the former JFACTSU Chief Pilot. We can deliver Type 1, 2 or 3 controls, day and night with or without FMV downlink. We ensure that each SO is rigorously standardised to conform to ATP (C) and the JFIRE 2012 manual before being cleared to deliver FAC / JTAC training.

Together, we have years of experience at emulating all current NATO platforms including UAS. Our SOs can fully immerse your FACs / JTACs into a METL focused scenario and, if required, can debrief post control and/or provide comprehensive face-to-face lessons identified post sortie. We are passionate about the training we deliver and always willing to adapt in order to meet the customers requirements.

We can provide CAS Aircraft (in accordance with STANAG 3797 definition) and live air delivered ordnance services (Mk82, 2.75″ Rockets, Air to Ground Gun, BDU33).