Close Air Solutions eLearning

Convenient, Self Paced, and Supported Learning


  • FAC /JTAC School Instructors, Course Designers, & E-Learning Content Authors
  • Online hosted interactive Learning for FACs / JTACs
  • Online Support and Hosted Webinars
  • Pre-Course Modules to minimise failure rates
  • Post certification modules to maintain FAC / JTAC TTP knowledge
  • Augmentation for FAC Certification Course Content

We offer an individualised solution for your FAC / JTAC training requirements using ground-breaking eLearning technology. We host e-learning on our online Learning Management System (LMS) and are developing an online FAC/JTAC community and knowledge base for the convenience of all FACs.

If you’ve tried or experienced eLearning before, you may have come away disillusioned, so did we. It is for this reason that CAS has partnered with companies at the forefront of blended learning development. Our mission is to interact with FAC / JTAC students in a way they understand, no more ‘sage on a stage’ lectures where the student may learn only 25% of the content required. Our learning environment combined with intelligent course design can drastically reduce the length of your FAC / JTAC syllabi, reduce staffing burdens and giving students the opportunity to fully comprehend the entire course materials.

We understand and develop training solutions specifically tailored to the international customer’s needs.  We stay abreast of industry leading edge training and education methodologies and combine those tools with best practices to offer Training Program Management subject matter expertise in support of international training across the spectrum of Close Air Support, including Training Conception; Front-End Analysis; Learning Objective Development; Curriculum Development; Training Delivery; and Training Evaluation.