All-Aspect International Close Air Support Training

Summary of Close Air Support FAC / JTAC & Aircrew Training Services

Close Air Solutions is a single source for international training services in all aspects of Close Air Support for FACs/JTACs, aircrew, and the wider military community. Until now the services we offer (eLearning, Classroom Instruction, Simulation, Aviation) have all been available separately and facilitated by persons of varying proficiency. Close Air Solutions integrates all of these services together in a complimentary mix using professional course design methodology combined with assured expert instruction. Close Air Solutions is a short or long contract Defence Training Service Provider that offers the following services:

Course Design and Consultancy


  • UK Defence Systems Approach to Training (DSAT) qualified practitioners
  • Training Accreditation Programme (TAP) Accredited Professionals in course design and e-learning design
  • PRINCE 2 Project Management and Managing Successful Programmes Practitioners
  • Designers of UK Forward Air Controller (FAC/JTAC) and CAS Aircrew Training Courses
  • Bespoke courses and modules designed to meet the customers’ requirements (Not a One Size Fits All Approach)



  • Online hosted interactive Learning for FACs / JTACs
  • Online Support and Hosted Webinars
  • Pre-Course Modules to minimise failure rates
  • Post certification modules to maintain FAC / JTAC TTP knowledge
  • Augmentation for FAC Certification Course Content

Classroom Instruction


  • Classroom based learning using cutting edge computer aided learning methods
  • Students learn from mistakes made in the class-room environment reducing waste in simulated and live environments
  • Use of virtual reality and visualisation tools to explain concepts and practice techniques
  • Face to face instruction on all CAS subjects including CAS Aircrew and Ground Commander education



  • Type 1/2/3 Controls
  • Form Fit Function Laser
  • Day, Night, IR
  • Realistic Multiple Joint Fires integration
  • Non-Permissive (With physics based integrated air defence systems) accurate modelling of real world systems
  • Synthetic Full Motion Video Downlink – with customisable degradations
  • Full After Action Review
  • Up-to 50% Cheaper than contract or military air provision
  • Accreditable Simulator able to replace 4/12 annual currency controls



  • MX-15 Targeting Pod with Infra-Red and Electro-optical sensors
  • Real-time full motion video streaming to ground stations
  • Ex Forward Air Controller Training School Pilots
  • Experts in all CAS TTPs and Emulation of multiple aircraft capabilities
  • Deliverers of accredited training to UK Forward Air Controllers
  • CAS Aircraft and Live Ordnance available