Close Air Solutions Video – DACAS Simulator Integration

Digitally Aided Close Air Support (FACNAV) Integration into JTAC Simulator

In the summer of 2014 Close Air Solutions noticed that there was a training gap for training with Digitally Aided CAS equipment. Training in a classroom didn’t offer sufficient fidelity and immersion, yet training with live assets was very expensive and difficult to obtain enough of the assets to make it worthwhile. Close Air Solutions teamed with Teleplan Globe –  FACNAV DACAS Software, Battlespace Simulations – Modern Air Combat Environment software. The team integrated actual fielded DACAS kit (FACNAV) into the iCASS simulator. JTACs are able to: receive a digital “On Station Report”, send free text updates, send digital 9-Lines, view the TPOS, view Friendly and hostile force tracks in real time, and send BDA messages to the aircraft.

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