Close Air Solutions Video – Rotary Wing Multi-Strike

Multi-Strike Rotary Wing Coordination  in Littoral Non-Permissive Environment

This is a video of an amphibious assault mission created by Close Air Solutions as part of a large Non-Combatant Evacuation Operation (NEO) Scenario set. The assault is due to take place at dawn but there is a high concentration of Al-Shabbab militants in an encampment near the shoreline. The militants have ground to air defences. The covert OP observing the enemy calls in a precision strike from AH64 assets outside of the threat zone using a Lock on After Launch (LOAL) profile for ground designation from the OP. It is a multiple Hellfire strike delivered at 10s intervals, with the JTAC shifting laser between the DPIs. The JTAC is forced to consider an number of complex factors in the attack such as: Safe laser attack heading, Visibility, Wind direction vs target obscuration from smoke etc.

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