Digitally Aided Close Air Support Training

Low Cost, High Utility Training

There are limited options for nations wishing to acquire and practice Digitally Aided Close Air Support (DACAS) Capability. Training can occur at classroom level, but is usually procedural and out scenario training. Live training is effective but costly and limited in the amount of air and ground assets that can contribute to an integrated air and ground data-link picture. CAS have bridged this gap and are very pleased to facilitate low cost DACAS training in immersive simulation scenarios.


Integration of operational technology with training technology

CAS led an integration project to link Battlespace Simulation Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) with Teleplan Globe FACNAV.

In addition to facilitating Close Air Support training, MACE supports fully integrated air defence networks and as such allows CAS to train FACs/JTACs in very realistic non permissive scenarios in contested environments.

FACNAV is a modern Digital Aided Close Air Support and Special Operations Forces (SOF) kit that is tablet based. Close Air Solutions can now facilitate DACAS training integrated into our market leading immersive scenarios.

DACAS Training Service

Like all CAS training we will tailor it to customer requirements. CAS DACAS training supports VMF Messaging TTPS including:

  • Filtering of Enemy, Neutral, and Friendly Forces data tracks from the simulation into DACAS tool
  • On Scene Report
  • Digital CAS Brief
  • Digital Cleared Hot / Abort
  • BDA
  • Freetext
  • Aircraft Target Pod Point of Interest Display