Close Air Solutions FAC & JTAC Simulation

Bespoke JTAC/FAC Simulator Scenario Design, Operation and CAS Qualified Aircrew


  • Type 1/2/3 Controls
  • Form Fit Function Laser
  • Day, Night, IR
  • Realistic Multiple Joint Fires integration
  • Non-Permissive (With physics based integrated air defence systems) accurate modelling of real world systems
  • Synthetic Full Motion Video Downlink – with customisable degradations
  • Full After Action Review
  • Up-to 50% Cheaper than contract or military air provision
  • Accreditable FAC / JTAC Simulator able to replace 4/12 annual currency controls

We can provide 3-D real-time, PC based visual systems for FAC / JTAC currency training anywhere, using our mobile solution.

Our primary JTAC simulation and FAC simulation partners, MetaVR and Battlespace Simulations, have seen their JTAC simulator system accredited by the Joint Fire Support Executive Steering Committee. This system is currently in use extensively throughout the USA to train Special Forces and Regular JTACs.

Throughout 2013 several AFSOC, ACC, and ASOS JTAC training sites in the US and abroad are taking delivery and installation of MetaVR and Battlespace Simulations’ Joint Terminal Attack Control (JTAC) desktop simulation system.

We offer a totally customizable FAC / JTAC simulator to meet the needs of the customer at many different levels of fidelity and immersion to suit the customers required price-point. They range from desktop based systems with helmet mounted displays, to full 360 degree immersion for a team of FACs/JTACs in a projection cave or dome.

The software supports all the functions required for FAC / JTAC Simulator training such as: physics-based weapons performance, laser target designation, full-motion infra-red video feeds, a mission editor, human-level behaviours, path finding, blast effects calculations, complex weather system control, and a robust weapons and entity library.