Immersive Simulation Service

Immersion Starts outside the simulator

CAS believe immersion, leading to a state known as ‘flow’ or ‘zone’, comes not merely by means of a powerful visual system and representative equipment, but via scenario based training.The key to the success of Close Air Solutions team success is leveraging the power of iCASS to recreate combat stress in a safe learning environment. Our team of very experienced FAC/JTAC and Joint Fires Instructors create custom made scenarios that are  NOT sterile and unimaginative (as we have experienced in the past), but rather  intensely immersive on a level never seen before in FAC simulation training.


Delivering the intelligence brief for a NEO Operational Emulation at Exercise AMPLE STRIKE 2014


Multiple Scenarios – One Operational Emulation

CAS achieves immersion by collecting all the scenarios that satisfy the customers overall training objectives together under one operational emulation. Our team conceive the full military operation, and then build the required scenarios into the operation to achieve the training aims.

Our emulated operations require participants to “Read In” prior to the exercise using materials that we provide through our interactive learning management system (LMS).

Some of the products you can expect to have access to prior to a CAS emulated operation area:

  • NATO Standard Orders format deatiling the intent of all commands from Company Level up to the Operational Commander
  • ORBAT for friendly forces
  • Intelligence Briefings detailing the Geopolitical situation and Enemy Forces Situation
  • Special Instructions
  • Airspace Control Order
  • Air Tasking Order
  • Environmental familiarisation tools – for flying through the environment
  • Picture archives of the various key sites in the scenario

Exercise Ample Strike 14 – Czech Republic

Close Air Solutions (CAS) successfully deployed the iCASS (immersive Close Air Support Simulator) to Namest Air Base, Czech Republic as an integral part of EXERCISE AMPLE STRIKE. AMSE14 was held in the Czech Republic from 8-12 September 2014. The exercise objective was to ensure NATO Forward Air Controllers (FAC) are current for contingency operations. FACs took part from a number of nations, notably, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, USA and the UK. All had the opportunity to control live aircraft as well as experience simulator training. Throughout the week, the CAS training team put 14 teams of NATO FACs through their paces in a virtual environment.


Training at the point of need

Close Air Solutions can either deploy to your preferred site (for example as part of a larger exercise) or will be pleased to host you at our custom furnished training facility at Newby Hall.

What do the users think?

“This is the first simulation I have ever been interested in”  DAGGER 11 ESTONIAN TACP 

“I was working so hard”    PAGAN 11 ESTONIAN FAC

“The screaming ground commander was great”    MACHINE 10 Czech Republic TACP

“I thought I was gonna hate it but, that was a great time right there, I would have kept going and going, I only realised it was over when you tapped me on the shoulder and said so” GOBLIN 11 US JTAC (SSgt T Butler)

“I felt like was actually talking to a real pilot and not a sim operator, that was awesome”  GOBLIN 12 US JTAC (SSgt Ryan Wood)