E Learning Courses

Structure of Packages

Close Air Solutions has constructed a whole host of eLearning packages that are hosted on our Learning Management System, including pre-course learning and screening for FAC Course Candidates, advanced FAC skills, scenario read-ins for our concentration weeks. We have much more planned for the future. The typical structure of one of our learning modules is:

  • Introduction to the subject
  • A benchmarking quiz upon which improvement can be measured
  • Interactive Lessons – Where student input is required to achieve the learning objectives
  • Downloadable courseware – including quick reference guides, TTP extracts and summaries
  • Self assessment for practice and feedback
  • Formal assessment of learning
  • Feedback

Minimise Failure Rates – ‘Pre-Learning / Pre-Course Screening’ Package

We have an eLearning package specifically designed for persons who have been selected for a formal FAC/JTAC training course. We know the by putting candidates through this course it will reduce the failure rate on formal courses and also highlight weaker areas for students that require attention.


The content of the module is drawn from our extensive training needs analysis and is linked to the FAC/JTAC Operational Performance Statement. The content is aligned with the requirements of the NATO STANAG 3797 and the JFC ESC MOA. It contains the following modules:


 Screenshot from interactive lesson in the Aircraft Sensors module

  • Introduction to Close Air Support
  • Duties of a Forward Air Controller
  • Close Air Support Aircraft Characteristics and Capabilities
  • Air to Ground Weaponry
  • Risk Estimate Distances
  • Aircraft Sensors
  • Types of Control, Bomb on Target, and Bomb on Coordinate
  • Phases of CAS
  • Check-in, routing, tactical plan, and situation update
  • CAS Brief


  • Full motion video permissive controlling
  • Joint Fires Integration


Bespoke Courses

If you would a bespoke elearning course of modules please contact us to arrange a scoping study into your requirements.