Teaching JTACs and FACs Using Virtual Reality

VR Teaching Augmentation

Check out our recording of 2 aircrew using immersive headsets to fly coordinated visual attacks for our FAC in the dome. The FAC could also be wearing one of these headsets to give him ‘Beyond Peripheral’ vision and near zero latency in full 360 by 360 degree environment.

Student experiences all aspects of the CAS Mission

We use these headsets in our classroom environment to transport our students to the Close Air Support environment well before they handle simulated or live aircraft. We can put them in the cockpit or on the ground in any environment in the world. They gain an appreciation of all aspects of Close Air Support operations and can see the concepts being taught in action. The experience is captivating and rewarding and leads to increased learning uptake.

Deployable Capability

Using these immersive headsets negates the need for a dome and is ideally suited for individual training in deployed locations as the components required can pack down into a portable package.