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Mid Level Software Developer (29-34k):


Under the guidance of the Senior Software Engineer:

  • Design and development of simulation software applications.
  • Integration of networked software components using standard simulation protocols.
  • Description and definition of software-hardware interfaces for various sensors, motion capture systems and bespoke emulated military equipment, and the development of plugins and applications to interact with these devices within a simulated environment
  • Liaison with simulation software OEMs and development of applications to emulate various types of military and civilian equipment
  • Documentation of all work undertaken, including user manuals and developer documentation, in accordance with ISO 9001 quality standards.

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Attributes Required

If you want to be part of the CAS team you need to be able to demonstrate some of the following attributes (the more the better):

Ability to Learn and Adapt

CAS greatly values persons who practice adaptive acumen. This includes learning quickly and internalizing knowledge gained from mistakes and successes and expanding capacity by adapting to working in new conditions.

A Zeal for Winning and Improving

Winners visibly exude a desire to win and get better. CAS wants people who are in love with the pursuit of improvement and wear their love of challenge and drive to succeed on their sleeve.

Ability to Efficiently Influence

The highest-potential employees can influence others quickly without unnecessary and repetitive overtures and while cutting through politics. They focus on what is right, not who is right. CAS values those who are skilled at bringing others along and reducing their dependency on position power to get things done.

Powerful Personal Presence

Those with personal presence instil confidence in others. They act with great empathy and conduct themselves with an unswerving moral code to always do what’s right. They inspire others with their words and actions. CAS looks for those who are always doing the hard right versus the easy wrong, for those who lift morale with their words and actions, and for those who are a beacon of trustworthiness and visible caring.

EQ with the IQ

CAS is looking for team members with high emotional intelligence, who conduct themselves in an even-tempered manner with great self-awareness and self-reflection. Ideally our team members can read situations and emote appropriate behaviours.

Expert Decision-Maker

CAS counts decision making as a core strength. We need team members who can sort through complexity and ambiguity to make informed decisions, remaining flexible to new input along the way while holding steadfast to previous decisions.

How to Apply

Applications should be made in writing with a covering letter and CV appropriate to the role. Send to