Simulation Train the Trainer

Don’t forget the training!

An often forgotten part of an equipment procurement process is training the trainer. Close Air Solutions provides both generic and specific train the trainer courses including:


CAS is a European training provider for any system that uses Battlespace Simulation Inc Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) combined with MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) including: JTOSS, AJTS, and iCASS.

  •  5 day course that covers all aspects of use for Joint Fires Training and Close Air Support Training for FACs, JTACs and military aircrew.
  •  5 Day course for system maintainers covering installations, configuration, troubleshooting , content, and maintenance

Available at your site, on your system or at our custom furnished training facility at The Bristol and Bath Science Park UK.


VBS 3 Strike, Fires, & Combined Arms VBS Fires FST

We are Bohemia Interactive Simulations training delivery team for the Simcentric VBS Plugins: VBS Fires and VBS Strike.

  • 2 day Standalone VBS Fires (Surface based fires) course delivered by one of our Joint Fires Instructors
  • 3 day Standalone VBS Strike (Close Air Support) course delivered by one of our FAC/JTAC instructors
  • 5 day  VBS  Fires FST (Combined Arms) course delivered by FAC/JTAC and Joint Fires instructors

Available at your site, on your system or at our custom furnished training facility at Newby Hall, UK.


Close Air Support Scenario Design for DIS based Simulation





CAS are subject matter experts in the application of DIS based simulation for training across a wide breadth of software. We have analysed and distilled the areas of DIS simulation that have the greatest impact on training. CAS have produced applied course in Close Air Support use of simulation and the tricks scenario design to extract the best from DIS based simulation.

1 Week applied course in use of DIS simulation and scenario design includes:

  • Simulation capabilities and & limitations
  • Simulation hardware
  • Interoperability Standards
  • Essentials of JTAC and FAC sims
  • Training Objective Analysis
  • Storyboarding
  • Pattern of Life
  • Points of View
  • SAF and AI
  • Scripting and Autonomous Events
  • Instructor control and support materials
  • Engineering CAS Specific Scenarios (Convoy, Danger Close, FMV, Urban, Laser, Night, BOC, Moving Target, Multi-DPI, Type 3, Joint Fires)