Software and Applications

At Close Air Solutions our principle concern is the use of simulation to make immersive relevant training. We have a dedicated development cell that develops missing capability or useful additions to simulation capability to help the trainer and trainee achieve the best training possible in the most efficient and value for money way.

CAS – Emulated Advanced GPS Receiver (C-EAGR)

Close Air Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of our CAS-Emulated Advanced GPS Reciever (C-EAGR) It is available now and ready to be integrated into JTAC/JFO type simulators.

C-EAGR has all the functions that are currently used by JTACs for positional information manipulation including:

  • Continuous update of position on the present position screen
  • Ability to place in standby mode to manipulate positional data from the present position screen
  • Quick conversion between coordinate formats – MGRS, Lat Long (degrees minutes), Lat Long (degrees minutes seconds), Lat Long (degrees minutes decimal minutes)
  • Quick conversion between elevation units – ft and m
  • Magnetic variation application from the world magnetic model
  • Ability to manually enter waypoints and store in the waypoint list including editing names
  • Ability to compute range and bearing between waypoints in the list and to change angular units (mils degree)
  • Fast Fix / Back / and Mark quick access from any page
  • Pos Page access from any page
  • Accurate representations of start up, satellite search, and all warning messages associated with changing positional information.


$4995 per unit



CAS – Metadesic CLT Sorter

A C# application to help scenario designers using MACE and VRSG. The application allows designers to pick areas of destructible culture, and split them from the main VRSG culture file, then import into MACE such that they are truly destructible.