UK Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) awards additional funding for cutting edge Mixed Reality development

Peacetime safety constraints, spiraling costs, geographic limitations and availability of diminishing resources all limit training effectiveness especially in the field of Joint Fires Training.  As a result, the MOD has partnered with industry to develop a pioneering new training capability.

The UK Defence Security Accelerator has awarded a 3rd phase of funding to Close Air Solutions to continue development of its mixed reality capability: Hyper Real Immersion

Mixed reality will provide users with a convincing view of a correlated synthetic world without disrupting their view of the real world.  With this system it will be possible to go outside into the natural environment, observe all of the real environment uninterrupted, but on top of this to experience a synthetic environment.  This will be rich with photorealistic synthetic entities (people, buildings, vehicles, etc.) that appear to belong and obey the laws of the natural world.  The result will be a more immersive and relevant experience to the end-user than is possible using traditional training in a simulator or by training live with limited assets, and at a significantly reduced cost than legacy solutions.

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