Video Downlink (VDL) Equipment



CAS is the European re-seller for the outstanding Full Motion Video (FMV) down link receiver from Coastal Defense: MVR-IV.

The MVR-IV is a hand-held unit that receives real-time, full-motion video. Designed to work over the L, S and C bands, it provides situational awareness to ground troops from aircraft, UAV, or ground based video sources. The unit is compatible with standard-issue eyepiece and can be interfaced to a portable computer for video capture.

The MVR IV has been deployed and used in recent theaters of operations with outstanding reports coming from the troops in the field.

One solider commented that:

swapping the MVR IV for his other ROVER system reduced my weight by 22lbs while still maintaining critical capabilities

See it in action

CAS have multiple units that we can demonstrate to anyone, at our site, or on a Close Air Support Exercise; you can see for yourself the unit receiving data from host nation VDL equipped targeting pods or from our contract air MX-15 equipped aircraft.

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